DRX Success Stories

I was suffering from low back pain, pain in my right leg, and ankle, right three center toes, I was also walking with a limp on my right side, and my right leg measured shorter. 

After four months of suffering from the pain and having to take pain medication I had a lower spine x-ray that showed I had a herniated disc.

My wife found an ad for Spinal Decompression so I decided to give it a try and after only five treatments my pain was gone, I could also swing a golf club again, and I could also walk without limping.

I have always been a believer of chiropractic treatments. I am real positive about Spinal Decompression treatments. I am golfing again able to work in the garden and stated taking long walks again. Not bad for being 80 years old. It was well worth the time and money. Three cheers for space age technology.

~ Courtland P. 03/07/2008, Petaluma

In 2002 while working in Santa Barbara I herniated two of my discs. I was a patient of Dr. Taatjes prior to moving back to Petaluma putting my fate into Dr. Taatjes hands.

I was taking all these pain pills to help me get through pain levels as high as ten, but it was Dr. Taatjes scientific adjustments and the DRX9000 that got me off the drugs and to a pain level of zero.

I truly believe he is a miracle worker and that is why in 2005 I became a member of his staff. I have truly been blessed to have a park in healing over eighty people and counting with the DRX9000.

In my free time you can find me out shooting pictures, creating something beautiful.

I am so proud to be a part of such a caring group of professionals.

~ Mark K. 02/06/2006, Petaluma

When I first came to Northbay Spinal Decompression Center, I was in really bad shape. I had two previous epidurals and two nerve blocks. I had “drop leg syndrome” and would fall unexpectedly. I was 34, a single mom with two kids. The staff was so friendly and helpful and understanding of my pain.

I was on Percocet, flexeril, valium, etc. It was horrible. After just a few decompression and chiropractic adjustments, I was starting to feel better again. After only 3 months, I was done with DRX9000. I can't express how I felt!! I was aligned again. No more drugs!!! No more pain!! I took my kids to the beach and jogged (slowly) with my dog and stopped and cried. I was so thankful!!

~ Amy T. 01/31/2007, Petaluma

I am pleased to introduce another success story for the DRX9000, and scientific adjustments, this is johns story. When john first started decompression therapy he was unable to stand with his head back, his pain was so high that we had to try different things to get him through his treatments, ice during treatments, rolled up blanket under his shoulders, and less treatment time.

My pain was as high as eight and I could not lay flat on my back in any position. I had pain in my neck, back, shoulders, and arms. I had trouble sleeping. I has scheduled cortisone injections, and fusion surgery-feeling hopeless and unable to work.

I recall as johns treatment went on I was able to take the rolled up blanket away. A few more treatments, and I was able to increase his treatment time. By his tenth treatment john was able to fall asleep during his treatment. He started sleeping flat on his back in bed and was able to sleep through the night.

My pain level went from an eight to a zero. My experience has turned the light back on for me; it is now possible to return to my life style. I am a General Contractor and now I am able to go hiking, mountain biking, and fly fishing pain free.

~ John J. 06/18/2007, Sebastopol

I came to Northbay Spinal Decompression Center for relief of chronic pain and functional instability resulting from multiple disc injuries. The treatment was painless and effective: L1 I now sleep well, L2 I am pain free, L3 I have normal movement, L4 I have returned to work. Thank you for giving me my life back.

~ Everitt G. 01/23/2009, Cotati

Before receiving decompression therapy, my life was filled with pain everyday. Since the therapy I no longer suffer with endless pain. I now have a great quality of life! What more could you ask for? I would not hesitate to recommend this therapy along with Dr. Taatjes excellent care to anyone seeking a better way back to health.

~ Moselle B 01/14/2008, Sonoma

On my first visit to Redwood Chiropractic, I was in tears and had to have someone drive me to the office. I was unable to walk, sit or stand at all. After my first treatment on the DRX9000, I felt a little better. After each treatment, I felt better and better.

As I continued my treatments my pain was finally down to a 0/10 on the pain scale. The doctors and staff are so professional and also very kind. I don’t know what I would have done without the DRX9000, Dr. Taatjes and Redwood Chiropractic. Thank you!

~ Sandy M. 05/20/2006, Novato

I have had injuries to my lower back for years. The first was as a teenager sitting on the floor watching TV one summer and going to the refrigerator to get food. It was painful and because of my youth I recovered without any noticeable problems. I didn’t know anything about chiropractic care at that time.

Fast forward to me doing physical work which involves wrenching, crawling, lifting and driving. My back has gone into a spasm many times over the 25 years of doing this job. The real kicker was recovering from a triple hernia surgery. That flattened my lower back in 2006. X-rays from the year confirm the lack of curve in my lower back. Exercise and pain pills didn't help, I lost muscle tone due to recovering from the surgery and it was painful trying to come back to where I was before the surgery. I needed greater help in correcting my back.

I struggled with work and eventually saved enough money to use the DRX 9000. What a great machine, I call it the rack! The DRX could have been invented in the middle ages, they strapped different areas. Just think, healthier peasants to work in the fields.

After the treatments most of the pain on my lower back was gone. Sitting and standing weren't as difficult. Didn't have to worry about spasms starting.

1997 was when I started with Redwood Chiropractic, looking at those x-rays and comparing them to the 2006 and 2007 it can be seen how the DRX had almost brought me back to 1997 when I had a curve in my lower back.

The demands of my job have set me back at times but the DRX helped me through a very rough time. I couldn’t have made it without it. I shudder to think what I would have had to go through if I went the traditional route to try to recover.

I have taken steps to pay attention to the needs and care of my back and can’t say enough for the staff at Redwood Chiropractic for their help and concern.

~ Colman S. 4/10/2007, Petaluma

I was injured in an auto accident and suffered from whiplash damaging 3 disks in my neck causing pain and numbness in my neck and arms. I had seen doctors, neurologists, a neurosurgeon, and all they wanted to do was prescribe pills, surgery, and work less hours or less strenuously. I had been seeing Dr. Taatjes already for maintenance. I was examined and x-rayed prior to treatment and was shocked to see how bad my spine really was. After treatment my films look better and I feel a lot better.

I love the outdoors and was upset that I couldn’t go hunting and fishing, the things I enjoy. I had been hunting for about a year and a half with pain, but now after the decompression I am almost completely pain free. I have tried other therapies and was told I need surgery but after decompression I don’t need surgery anymore!

~ Matt G 3/4/2008, Petaluma

I damaged my back and neck playing football at the age of 22 when I was living in Santa Barbara. I was sentenced to life in a wheel chair. I saw a series of football doctors, plus private doctors, and Navy doctors with the same results. I was very mad and aggressive, I threw away all of my pain pills and canceled my appointments and started dealing with my own pain.

I started a search for a chiropractic I went through numerous ones until I found one I liked and after a year and a half he was able to get me out of the wheel chair. I also believe that chiropractic care saved my marriage.

I found Northbay Spinal Decompression from an ad when I moved to Northern California. Dr. Taajes is the one keeping me out of the wheel chair and allowing me to do the things I love to do like playing tennis, line dancing, table tennis, and swimming. I also play the ukulele and play for care centers around the Northbay. I am walking and staying active and only chiropractic gets credit for this, not western medicine. My advice for you is to keep moving and find a doctor like Dr. Taatjes who you really trust and love and work with him.

~ Robert R. 11/2007, Santa Rosa

You always know when the Paces enter the office; Marcy always has a smile on her face even though she may not be feeling up to par. Her husband Ed always has a firm handshake and is usually ready for an adjustment.

Ed had been told he had four bulging discs from a fall in 2000. He wasn’t a candidate for surgery and tried chiropractic care, exercise, and massage. It helped some but it wasn’t permanent. In 2005 Dr. Taatjes got a spinal decompression machine and suggested that he be treated with it. He went through twenty-four treatments and feels better than he has in five years.

I am so thankful this machine was developed.

Ed loves photography and developing black and white film. Marcy came to our office with migraines, from a minor fender bender, equilibrium issues, skin irritations, neck, shoulder and low back issues, and muscle soreness. In 1990 she was encourage to come in to get regular chiropractic adjustments which she did and now her health and welfare have been thriving under the steady weekly care of Dr. Taatjes.

I am so appreciative of getting all my questions answered, and the wise guidance given.

Marcy loves making raggedy Ann and Andy’s for her grandkids, and also teaches classes about the Good News Glove.

~ E. & M. Pace, Petaluma

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  • "I came to Redwood Chiropractic for relief of chronic pain and functional instability resulting from multiple disc injuries. The treatment was painless and effective. I'm now pain free, sleep better and have normal movement. I was even able to return to work. Thank you for giving me my life back!"
    E.G. (Petaluma, CA)